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performance art

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Explore the different cultural scenes in the District:

Several musical genres have thrived with DC at their core. Learn about the local go-go, punk, jazz, bluegrass, and blues scenes, as well as other local artists.

DC's local art scene is overshadowed by the national museums, but there are a number of successful local artists exhibiting their work throughout the area.

In this section, we list resources and associations for local writers.

Performance Art
Several types of performance art are popular in the area. Find out about theater, dance, and spoken word.

In recent years, DC has become host to numerous film festivals. Although many of the films featured in these festivals are from around the world, the festivals' themes reveal the diversity of our city. Additionally, networks and opportunities for local filmmakers help them connect and screen their work.

The nation flocks to the District, sees the art that fills the Smithsonian, and watches the performances held at the Kennedy Center. But DC also has a history of thriving local arts and culture. The area is host to its own musical genre, go-go, and has been the center of bluegrass, jazz, and punk scenes. Lincoln Theater has hosted many plays and dances, local coffee shops provide stages for spoken word performances, and Art-O-Matic annually takes over a space in the city to showcase local art.

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