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A Tribute to Hand Dancing

This page is a short tribute to DC's synthesis of Lindy and Swing. Though there is not much on the site, its pictures are quite fun and worth the visit.

City Dance Ensemble

CityDance Ensemble is a contemporary, multi- cultural modern dance company based in Washington, DC. The youngest of Washington's major dance companies, CityDance has become the area's pre-eminent contemporary repertory company. The "CityDance Originals" series commissions new music scores by leading Washington, DC area composers for the company's dances. These scores, often performed live, bring a new range to the CityDance repertory, and allow for a rich blending of the artistic talent in the area. CityDance has also undertaken to restore and restage classic work from Washington's rich dance past.

Dance Institute of Washington

The Dance Institute began as a summer program and has expanded to offer dance classes throughout the year and city. The Institute focuses on extending dance opportunities to underserved and at-risk youth. The Institute has also started a professional touring company. Reflections Dance Theatre gives dancers and choreographers professional artistic work opportunities and uses the African-American experience as a catalyst for new and exciting art for all people.

Dance Place

Dance Place is a non-profit organization that not only puts on dozens of performances every year but also offers classes and workshops (often for free or affordable prices), conducts community outreach, and runs an internship program.

DC Dance Collective

The Mission of DC Dance Collective is to make dance available to everyone. They offer dance classes for students with a variety of experiences and space for individual artists for rehearsals, workshops, and performances. In addition, DCDC houses the resident dance companies Young at Heart, DC ARTistry Tap & Drum, Ancient Rhythms Dance Troupe , The Adrain Bolton and Katherine Smith Dance Center, and Drago Chi Budo Kai Karate Dojo.

DC Flamenco

This is the most comprehensive online resource for flamenco dance and music in DC. Articles that highlight people and events in area are supplemented by shorter updates. The site also posts upcoming special and weekly events, workshops and classes, and classifieds. Use their message board to connect with others interested in local flamenco.

DC Handdance - Capitol City Swing

by Kim Frazier. This is the only book exclusively about Hand Dancing. The book outlines the history of DC's black swing dance, describes the techniques and philosophies of the dance itself, and the competitions and culture that create the scene surrounding Hand Dancing.

Hand Dance Association of DC, MD, and VA

The MD-DC-VA Hand Dance Association is a not-for-profit organization established to provide the enjoyment and preservation of D.C. Hand Dancing, a style of "hand-to-hand" dancing that developed during the 1950's in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. The purpose of the Association is to provide social opportunities to do our style of dance in a regular meeting place and at various dance related activities, and to promote and teach Hand Dancing so it can be enjoyed by others and be preserved in its authentic form.

Hand Dancing Crew

The Hand Dancing Crew's homepage provides a a good introduction to the history of DC's unique form of swing dancing. This is a fun site to explore, but don't look to this site for events, because it hasn't been updated in a couple years.

Momentum Dance Theatre

Momentum dance theater performs modern and jazz dance as well as theater. Their performances weave personal stories with political and social themes to create fast paced, compelling dance theater that provokes thought and discussion about contemporary issues. In addition to their shows, the company is committed to outreach in schools and community organizations.

Nancy Havlik's Dance Performance Group

Dance Performance Group a small dance/theater company of highly physical performers whose multi-faceted dances address the human condition, individual struggle for connection and matters of the heart. The Company presents performances and workshops to a rich, varied audience and is committed to making the choreography available to those who often do not have access to dance performance. They perform all over the DC area, and often present regular free alternative site performances

National Hand Dance Association

The National Hand Dance Association strives to bring together the hand dancers of the area, as evident in their new motto "Unity in the Hand Dance Community." The group seeks to preserve, educate, and promote hand dancing and the community. They host competitions, publish a newsletter, and provide details of upcoming events.

Step Afrika

Step Afrika! USA (SAUSA) is an explosive, US-based percussive dance ensemble based DC. A by-product of annual sojourns to the Step Afrika! International Cultural Festival in Soweto, South Africa, SAUSA is the American arm of this historic festival. Founded in December, 1996, the company highlights the African-American fraternity and sorority art form of stepping and its links to dance traditions around the world.

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