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Chuck Brown

Ask anyone to name the most influential go-go musician ever to have graced DC and the answer will always be Chuck Brown. He developed the sound, established himself as the Godfather of go-go, and then went on to bring go-go around the world. He received the most national attention for his early hit Bustin' Loose but has continued to gain recognition and respect well beyond DC. Chuck Brown's talents extend beyond go-go, as evident in his collaboration with jazz artist Eva Cassidy.

Go-Go Live

Go-go live changes often, showcasing different aspects of the latest in go-go. Their radio station always offers some recent popular music, regardless of the rotation on the site. The site also features information about the music, online radio, and the latest news. An ad for RAW TV draws attention to the city's reality go-go show.

History of Go-Go

This brief history of go-go begins in the early 1970s with Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers and follows the scene through to the beginning of the 21st century. This write-up focuses on the moments when go-go seemed on the verge of breaking into a national audience. The rest of this site is also filled with go-go information.


Soldierette's page includes a lot of information. Look for the billions of go-go pictures she has taken. The experiences section has a lot of write-ups of bands, clubs, and events (like the Smithsonian Folklife Festival). The chat room can be entertaining, although it is also pretty random (at least at 4:47p.m. when so many of us need to take a break from work). The site also includes the latest of Soldierette's promotions.

Take Me Out to the Go-Go

TMOTT Go-Go is both a website and magazine. Online, it is arguably the most well known source for information about go-go, probably because it is so comprehensive. The site includes magazine articles, interviews, an online radio station, a store for PAs and CDs, a list of go-go articles, and links to bands and other sites. In addition, TMOTT Go-Go distributes an electronic newsletter to over 25,000 people. This is a great place to start learning about go-go or to stay on top of the scene.

The Beat: Go-Go's Fusion of Funk and Hip-Hop

by Kip Lornell and Charles C. Stephenson Jr. This book combines an expert on the DC go-go scene with the expertise of an American vernacular music professor. Together, the authors provide an excellent analysis of the culture of DC, the emergence of go-go, its interaction with other local scenes and occasional national attention, and the history of go-go's message and community.

The Ultimate Go-Go Experience

This isn't quite the ultimate go-go experience, but that's a pretty bold claim. It does have pages for a few key bands, good links, and some downloadable themes. The news page it links to is pretty interesting and has good commentary on past shows. It's a little outdated, so don't count on this site to make weekend plans.

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