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American Composers Forum - DC Chapter

The forum serves local composers through workshops, events, and other programs. Featured events include a composers salon and the Sonic Circuits Festival of Electronic Music and Art. In addition, they partner with local organizations to offer residencies for their members.

DC Music News

DC Music News provide information on bands and music events in the area, regardless of genre. The concert calendar, message board, and links are mostly filled with content from users. Check in for information or to tell others about your band.

DC Reggae

DC Reggae promotes local reggae articles and connects local fans, providing them with the latest on upcoming concerts, interviews with local musicians, and articles from around the country. They also profile bands and offer a calendar of upcoming events. DC reggae links to the national scene through its books and resources write-ups.

DC Ska is a website about ska music in the Washington, DC area. It's a site set up to promote the DC ska scene, but isn't restricted to just ska. It also includes punk, rockabilly, Oi!, reggae, dub, pop-punk, and other local music. The site includes a calendar, bulletin board, and other scene information.

DC Freesounds provides a streaming audio playlist of many local artists, mainly alternative and punk. The site also provides links to the bands that have websites. This could be a great way to learn about smaller bands in the area. Although they provide a concert calendar, it isn't updated too often.

Focus Music

Focus is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the development and production of a premier listening venue for folk music in the Washington, D.C. area. Focus is a member organization (complete with Brainstorming Bagel Brunches) that provides folk concerts in and around DC. The concerts are part of an effort to educate the public about DC's folk music.

Fort Reno

Fort Reno brings the best of DC indie and punk to the great outdoors every summer. On Monday and Thursday evenings, bands play free shows to a crowd of high schoolers, twenty-something hipsters, and kid-toting enthusiasts. It definitely represents the DC thrift store scene, and if you go often, you'll start to recognize many of the faces there. This is a great way to hear what's going on in local music. The bands vary from high school kids to well established, nationally known bands (for example, Fugazi plays every year). For most shows, you can sit and eat dinner on the field, but for the more popular bands, be prepared to stand among the crowds.

Livin' Dangerously

Livin' Dangerously is a DC hip-hop site that is most helpful for its calendar. Check their monthly calendar for open mics, shows, parties, and workshops. The "DC Hip Hop" section also includes samples of local bands. The rest of the site provides a forum for locals to post messages about national music and local classifieds.

Mary Cliff

Traditions is a radio program on WETA, 90.9 FM, in the Washington, DC area. The main purpose of the Mary Cliff / Traditions site, is to allow Traditions listeners to download the "Who's Where" lists. The Who's Wheres are the most complete listing available of folk performances in the WETA listening area and nearby (plus occasional listings of major events elsewhere). Mary compiles these lists from many sources and announces the performances throughout the program.

This mp3 database organized by the Washington Post is self-publishing by and for the Metro region's music community. It is an excellent resource for learning about local music. All sorts of genres are represented, from roots rock to go-go to Caribbean to electronic. The songs can be downloaded by anyone, and any musicians who register can post a description of their sound, contact information, and songs. Anyone interested in DC music should explore this site.

Music DC

Self-dubbed "DC's source for online music information," this site provides directories for artists, club nights, and record stores, and links to local reviews and national music news. The site highlights new albums put out by local bands. MusicDC provides a little bit of everything, and can be helpful if you are trying to get an initial sense of the scenes in DC. If you are already into a particular DC genre, this site won't tell you anything new.

Rhythm Plaza

Rhythm Plaza is a comprehensive guide to hip-hop and go-go in the DC area. The site features an artist and club each month. DC Charts is a great way to stay on top of the latest music: the section includes brief descriptions of the bands, sound clips, and some video clips. The Club Zone provides links to a variety of different clubs by area. If you're looking for something specific, trying posting on the message board.

Songwriters Association of Washington

The Songwriters' Association of Washington (SAW) is a non-profit organization established in 1979 to benefit aspiring and professional songwriters. They seek to strengthen the craft of songwriting; foster the talents of members; provide an active forum for songwriters and their work; and celebrate the power of music. The group hosts events and a songwriting competition.

Washington Area Music Association

WAMA is an umbrella organization of Washington area musicians, concert promoters, lawyers, recording engineers, managers, graphic artists, and related businesses working together to address areas of common concern. WAMA's main goal is to promote Washington area music in general and to achieve national recognition of the region as an important center for live and recorded music. The group is most known for its annual Wammies - DC's own music awards to recognize career achievements of local musicians. Check their timeline for an overview of the city's music history.

Washington Performing Arts Society

WPAS exists to increase the opportunity for artists and the public to share the performing arts. Though many of their programs are musical, they span modern and traditional dance, jazz, programs designed to heighten awareness of the breadth of Latino artists and traditions, classical European music, world music, and contemporary performance work. WPAS sponsors some of the most innovative performances in the city.

World Folk Music Association

World Folk Music Association (WFMA) is dedicated to promoting contemporary and traditional folk music, and spreading the word to fans and folk artists. While WFMA is a national organization, it also works to promote the music in the DC area. The group pulls together local and national artists for concerts and other special events that would not otherwise be availabe to folk fans. They host events in the DC area and publish a newsletter for members.

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