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86 Sheridan Terrace
2700 block of Sheridan Rd, at Stanton Rd , SE

The mural that lines Sheridan Rd by the Suitland Parkway begins with a profile of DC and then unfolds as a musical odyssey interwoven with African-American history. Contemporary images of a band playing can and buckets journeys back in time through rock, jazz, and gospel. The dancers, singers, and instruments are accompanied by a recent city skyline and older pictures of a plantation and slave ship. The forms and flow of the mural combine a powerful musical history with an ever changing geographical backdrop to inform the vital African-American culture in DC today.

Black Family Reunion September 1994
14th Street and Florida Avenue , NW

G. Byron Peck designed this mural in celebration of the Annual Black Family Reunion held in September 1994. The mural features photographs of families and a time piece. The event was a weekend celebration of the African-American family with headline performers, food, and exhibits.

Boundless Possibilities
Southern Court Apartments, 885 Chesapeake Street , SE

Cheryl Foster's mosaic offers Southern Avenue the joy of three children gleefully soaring through the sky. The complex swirls, fire, and layers of blue backdrops imbue the image with a compelling vibrancy. The sparkle of the stones also add to the beauty of this two story mosaic. Cheryl Foster is a local artist who contributes not only her murals but also her knowledge to DC through extensive participation in youth education programs.

Community - Westminster Playground
907 - 913 Westminster Street , NW

Anne Marchand added this mural to the Westminster playground in 2002. The mural's bright colors and strong lines celebrate the architecture and life of the neighborhood. Jerome Meadows also created a series of colorful mosaics around the edges of the playground. The artwork is a welcome addition to the small park that was renovated in 2000 by the Westminster Neighborhood Association. The playground is quietly tucked into a residential block of Shaw. It is a great spot for relaxing or for kids to enjoy the swingset and slide.

Duke Ellington
1200 U Street , NW

G. Byron Peck's mural of Washington native Duke Ellington in profile brightens the center of the U Street Corridor, an area once called the "Black Broadway" and still known for its jazz. The mural recently moved from next door to its new location at the True Reformer Building.

Frederick Douglass
1204 Massachusetts Avenue , NW

This excellent mural by G. Byron Peck has been recently covered by a new building constructed on Massachusetts. The mural portrayed Frederick Douglass young and old, speaking and studying. The mural featured a dignified Douglass against an American flag backdrop, highlighting his importance to our country.

Good Hope Mosaics
1300 Good Hope Rd , SE

This mosaic features a profile of DC, its flag, major monuments, and a city skyline. The vibrant image is a creative combination of stained glass, silverware, and plates. The mosaic is a product of a collaboration between artist Jill Blankespoor and neighborhood youth from Barry Farms.

One Hundred Years of African-American History
Minnesota and Benning Roads , NE

This mural of twelve famous African-Americans of the 20th century covers the back of a building facing the parking lot of the shopping mall that lines Minnesota and Benning. The project was designed by Rik Freeman in 1991. Those depicted range from entertainers Sammy Davis, Jr and Billie Holiday to civil rights leader Malcom X and writer Maya Angelou.

River Terrace
3621 Benning Road (Benning & I-295) , NE

The River Terrace mural sits alongside I-295 just west of the Anacostia River. The mural was commissioned to Cheryl Foster in 1992. With a group of teenagers, she painted neighborhood residents alongside this massive wall. Residents are depicted playing sports and instruments, reading, and dancing.

The Dignity of Work
Martin Luther King Jr Ave and W St , SE

This mural by Al Smith was completed in 1987. Each square in the grid features a different component of DC and Southeast history, from Civil War cannons to voting rights protests to today's public transportation system. Also, construction workers build in front one of Southeast's famous vistas of the city's monuments. The mural was sponsored by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities as part of the Mayor's Summer Youth Employment Program and DC Art / Works.

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