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Burgundy Crescent Volunteers

Burgundy Crescent is a social volunteer group for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender men and women. The group was founded at the beginning of 2002 and already has over 700 volunteers. You must be a member to participate in their activities, but you can become a member at the same time as signing up for an activity. The website provides a variety of upcoming volunteer opportunities at local and national gay and gay-friendly community organizations.

DC Metro Action

This site is a "Washington resource for local activism, participation, education and entertainment, covering a wide range of socially just issues" and is updated daily.


doingsomething is an all-volunteer non-profit organization that seeks to address the community service needs of Washington and adjoining areas of Maryland and Virginia. The group serves as a clearinghouse for volunteers, connecting individuals to over twenty charities for project-oriented volunteer opportunities.

Electric Maid

The Electric Maid is a storefront in Takoma, DC which is being converted into a space for community functions. Volunteer here to help the Takoma community in a variety of ways -- help to coordinate concerts, workshops, political activism, movie screenings, and simply to provide a space in which the neighbors can come together.

Greater DC Cares

Greater DC Cares is the largest volunteer coordinator in the greater Washington region. They are partnered with hundreds of nonprofits and provide information about volunteering with those organizations. In addition, they maintain a list of the volunteering needs of other local nonprofits and lists of needed goods and services of area groups. If you have a particular skill set, register in their Talent Bank so nonprofits in need of your skills can contact you in the future. Greater DC Cares is a great place to look if you'd like to volunteer in DC but are not sure how to get started.


MeansForDreams is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to ensure that District public school teachers have the resources that they identify as important to learning and experience for their students. Their site is an online "philanthropic exchange" -- a place where DC-based teachers-as-grant-seekers can request specific materials or services and individuals-as-grant makers can fund a proposal. The use of the Internet and adds greater choice, efficiency, cost savings and speed of response to the direct connection of the traditional practice of exchange.

Men Can Stop Rape

Men Can Stop Rape, a Washington, DC-based nonprofit, is an outgrowth of DC Men Against Rape, a volunteer collective formed in 1987 by a handful of men seeking to raise their own and their community's consciousness about the origins of male violence against women. MCSR's innovative awareness-to-action programs, youth organizing strategies, and training with youth-serving professionals seek to: Increase men's involvement as allies with women in challenging sexism and preventing rape and other forms of men's violence; promote gender equity; and positively redefine what it means to be a man by building young men's capacity to be strong and empowered without overpowering others or resorting to violence.

Single Volunteers of DC

SVDC provides volunteer opportunities for metro area singles ages 21 and over. Project leaders organize teams of at least twelve volunteers to help local nonprofits with short term projects such as answering phones during a telethon, building houses, or even stuffing envelopes. The group has over 8,500 members, so there are plenty of other singles to meet during a project or one of their social events.

Touch DC

Touch DC is a coalition led by Washington Grantmakers and made up of community leaders from the nonprofit, foundation, and business sectors. The site connects individuals to organizations that need volunteers or donations. Nonprofits are organized by interest and location. While some groups receive brief profiles, the database is its main resource.

United Planning Organization

United Planning Organization, the designated community action agency for DC, is a private nonprofit human service corporation that plans, coordinates, and implements human service programs. UPO’s extensive network of agencies, organizations, and special programs, provide core neighborhood services throughout the city. The group offers a variety of services for youth, elderly, and everyone in between.

United Way of the National Capital Area

United Way collects contributions to nonprofits through payroll deductions, and contributions can be designated for a specific agency distributed at United Way's discretion. Their website allows you to search over 1,100 agencies by location and field of service. Even if you would like to volunteer time rather than money, this can help match you up with a nonprofit that addresses your interests.

Washington Literacy Council

The mission of the Washington Literacy Council is to reach those adults who are illiterate or low-literate and teach them to read. To do this, the Washington Literacy Council recruits and trains volunteers to provide free one-on-one tutoring. The work of the Literacy Council is especially important in DC, where 62% of the population fall into the 2 lowest levels of reading proficiency. The WLC needs volunteer tutors to provide one-on-one help in reading and spelling to adults.

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