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Channel 16, DC Government Television

Channel 16 is a current, relevant, and interesting advertisement for Mayor Williams. Programming ranges from ward profiles to public service announcements and programs to press briefings to conferences and meetings. It provides insight into current efforts for reinvestment, economic development, and social welfare. Each program features Mayor Williams introducing an initiative, providing a sound bite, or in the spotlight throughout the program. This is actually useful for providing a sense of the mayor's role in and focus for DC. Channel 16 highlights the best of DC and local leaders and is an excellent way to learn about DC.

DC Politics Hour

Kojo Nnamdi's Friday show (from noon to 1:00 pm) focuses on DC politics. Yes, there is an actual show where inside the beltway politics mean politics for those who live in DC rather than for constituents of nationally elected or appointed residents. "Each week, uniquely qualified local journalists and sharp-tongued political commentators join Kojo to explore the personalities, policies, and politics of the District. Elected and appointed city officials are called upon to explain their actions, and community leaders weigh in on the issues they feel merit attention." Stay tuned after this show for the Metro Connection.

DC Public Schools

The DC Public Schools maintain Channel 18 on Starpower and Channel 28 on Comcast. The station often broadcasts public school board meetings and announcements. Not the most thrilling TV, it does provide in depth information on the DC school system and makes their decision-makin process transparent to the public. In addition, teachers use the educational programming provided by the station. DC 28 also brings news, sports and special features of interest to D.C. residents.

DC Radio Co-op

The DC Radio Co-op is an outgrowth of WPFW, the local Pacifica affiliate. The group is a grassroots project aimed at teaching the community how to become involved in the media, linking volunteers to WPFW opportunities, and creating a forum for media related discussion. The Co-op sponsors weekly training sessions that are open to the community.


DCRTV is a website dedicated to monitoring the TV and radio in the DC and Baltimore region. Though the site can be a little difficult to navigate, it includes a ton of information about what is on-air in the city. Perhaps its most important resource is its listing of all AM, FM, and TV stations at the region on the links page. The nostalgia page also provides links to a variety of websites that together tell the story of region's television and radio history.

DCTV - Public Access Corporation of the District of Columbia

DCTV is the local public access station. In DC, they broadcast on Starpower channels 10 and 11 and on Comcast channels 5 and 6. Their programming during the day includes public affairs issues and showcases musical and artist talent, cultural exchange, comedy, religious expression, and programming for children. During the night, they broadcast community bulletin board information.

News Channel 8

Channel 8 news is the television source for the latest local news 24 hours a day. It provides community-based, solution-oriented news coverage to more than one million cable television homes in suburban Maryland, Northern Virginia and DC. The content depends on your location in the region with different anchors and nightly news programs by zone.

Radio CPR

Radio CPR, 97.5 FM, is the only radio station dedicated to broadcasting the voice of the city. This underground station, audible throughout much of Northwest, operates starting at 7:00 pm on weekdays and afternoons and evenings on weekends. CPR (Community Power Radio) provides an outlet for the voices, stories, music and opinions that so often get excluded from mainstream forums of communication. They also provide the opportunity for more residents to participate in discussions about the issues that impact their city and their neighborhoods.

UDC Cable Television, Channel 19

The University of the District of Columbia programs UDC Cable Television as the city's only non-commercial, adult education program service providing 24 hours of intelligent, education and cultural arts programming. The most interesting programming on this station is the music videos. Amazingly artistic visuals (of toy worlds, old film clips, or artwork) accompany classical and jazz pieces. These short videos are dramatically different than most television, and a pleasure to watch and contemplate. Broadcasts of performances are the other main staple of UDC Cable TV.

WAMU Metro Connection

Hosted by David Furst and Kojo Nnamdi, this show is exclusively about the DC area. Topics span from local politics to the history of communities in the region to cultural activities. Listen to the show on fridays from 1 to 2pm to stay current on the goings-on of the city. Check the website for show archives, dining and nightlife suggestions, and special feature stories.

WETA Neighborhoods

This WETA series profiles neighborhoods in and around the District. The first show, aired January 2006, highlights Shaw and Ledroit Park. In addition to story features, the website also links to local resources for each featured neighborhood. This show is a fun way to learn more about local neighborhoods.

WGTB - Georgetown Radio

WGTB is Georgetown University's student run radio station. The station can be heard around the Georgetown campus at 92.3 FM, but the rest of the city needs to tune in online in order to check them out. Georgetown has a long history with student run radio and is primarily remembered for the 1970s when it owned and operated 90.1FM (before selling it to UDC who in turn sold it to CSPAN). WGTB, the latest incarnation of this university's student voice, remains one of the only options for a college voice in the city.

WRGW - George Washington University Radio

GW Radio is GW's online radio station. In addition to its website, students can listen online on the university's channel 22. As licensing has become extremely competitive in the District, online radio has become the new outlet for local college radio.


WTOP is a local news, traffic, and weather radio station on 1500 AM, 820 AM, or 107.7 FM. Several of its programs are of particular interest to locals. The Politics Program with Mark Plotkin covers district politics every Friday morning at 10. The "Ask the..." program is a periodic program in which listeners can ask questions to local leaders including Mayor Williams and the police chief. Bob Madigan, the Man About Town, is WTOP's resident social butterfly. WTOP provides the latest on what's happening around DC.

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